TK-series OPEN
Cooling tower

modular concept


The TK-Series is a modular built-up preassembled open induced draft counter flow cooling tower with axial fan(s) and represents a perfect link between the factory assembled - and field erected cooling tower. The tower is designed for the midsize - and bigger installations. Compared to the field erected cooling towers, the modular series allows to save time during the erection, which gives an evident optimization of the overall costs.

These cooling towers can be manufactured in different materials, interchangeable and compatible with each other, to compose a product that fully meets the needs and specification of the end-user regarding corrosion resistance and life time.
Designed to meet the main international codes and standards.

The modules of the tower are supplied completely preassembled and because of their dimensions, they are suitable for normal road - or container transport.



5 TK, version 02

Each tower consists of two of more separate cooling modules and a single fan section. The cell can be completed with the air inlet section and cold water basin. The reticular steel construction is simple, strong, lightweight and it uses open profile sections. The upper part is flat and walkable.

Fan section


The TK- Series is equipped with one or more induced draft FRP high performance axial fan(s) each coupled through a vertical gearbox and balanced transmission shaft to an electric motor, protection - / insulation class IP-55 / F, installed outside the humid airflow. The FRP fan stack is supplied in separate sections to be bolded during erection. Standard with external electric conjunction box(es).


5-Waterverdeling TK-Serie

The distribution system is composed of a main internal pipe and a number of secondary tubes made in PVC with PPG 3-stage anti-clogging nozzles, including a water inlet flanged connection according to UNI EN 1092-1. The system is designed to distribute the water evenly over the exchange surface.


6-Warmtewisselend pakket type FILMED

F-ILMED heat exchange package manufactured of Polypropylene or PVC, with diagonal or vertical channels, working according to the “film” principle.

7B-Warmtewisselend pakket type HYBRIDE-TR.U.S.T.

HYBRIDE heat exchange package type TR.U.S.T filling system consisting of modular elements manufacturer in high-thickness polypropylene, according to the “splash” principle. ILMED IMPIANTI has designed this special filling system for polluted water with high levels of suspended solids. The TR.U.S.T System is the natural evolution of the traditional grid system, defining new levels of strength, ease of installation, performance and durability. The modular feature facilitates the handling and cleaning during maintenance.



The drift eliminators are made in modular elements of PVC or PP sheets and have an excellent efficiency. The losses are limited to < 0,005 % of the circulating water flow.


9-Waterbak met luchtintrederoosters

Air inlet structure of galvanized steel with PP air inlet louvres Basin made of welded steel segments, hot dipped galvanized after fabrication. Completed with galvanized steel connections for water supply and overflow each 2” G (female) Drain connection 1½ G (female) Water outlet flanged connection according to UNI EN 1092-1.


  • PTC thermistor for VFD control
  • Mechanical Float Valve assembly for make-up water
  • Electric basin heater incl. thermostat for an ambient temperature up to -20 °C.
  • Heaters on motors, gearboxes and louvres • VIBRASWITCH vibration cut out switch • Fan deck handrail with caged ladder, ISO 14122 certificated. • Electronic water level control, including solenoid valve • Low water cut out switch
  • VIBRASWITCH vibration cut out switch
  • Low-noise axial fan(s)
  • Anti-splash system in the water basin
  • Low-noise axial fan(s)
  • Anti-splash system in the water basin
  • Electronic water level control, including servo controlled solenoid valve
  • Low water cut out switch
  • • Heat exchange package type ONDA 13-PP • External coating, standard RAL 7035

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