Steel Mills

ILMED IMPIANTI Open Cooling Towers are an excellent solution to cool the circuit down to  . + 26 °C.

To cool dirty, polluted water or water with a high concentration of suspended solids the Splash Compact Filling System or the hybrid TR.U.S.T type heat exchange package is a necessity.

As an alternative Dry Cooler are applicable for cooling water temperatures of  + 37 °C , but only if clean water is in circulation.


Gamma-K Delivery program AIR COOLED LIQUID COOLERS DMR Round Modular Cooler The surface of the microchannel heat…

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TK-series OPEN
Cooling tower

modular concept by ILMED IMPIANTI The TK-Series is a modular built-up preassembled open induced draft counter flow…

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Field erected by ILMED IMPIANTI The TGK / TRK-Series is a field erected open induced draft counter…

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