Was founded in 1981 and is established at Avigliana (Turin ) -North West of Italy on a ground piece of 200.000 m2 of which 120.000 m2 is roofed for Offices, Design - & Calculation department, Production of Cooling Towers and Axial Fans, Test – and R&D facilities.

Over more as 40 years ILMED IMPIANTI has developed, innovated, designed and produced Cooling Towers for any industrial application.

More as 10.000 Cooling Towers, factory assembled or field erected, are delivered to more than 90 different countries all over the world. Because of the demand of the international market, ILMED IMPIANTI also delivers Evaporative Condensers for R 717 (NH3) and Evaporative Closed Circuit Coolers as well.

A part of the production is moved to a production facility at Terni – Mid Italy on a terrain of 6.000 m2 of which 3.700 m2 is roofed.

belongs to the Geoclima Group and is established in Ronchi dei Legionari (GO) – North East of Italy on a ground piece of 5.000 m2 for Production, R&D – and Test Facilities. A new company with over 30 years of experience in the industrial cooling sector has focused itself in the development of totally innovative designs which fully meets the demands of a critical international market in cooling down heat loads.

ALTHERMO produces and delivers modular Dry Coolers with the patented INTELLIBATIC system, a high efficient intelligent adiabatic system, as well as Dry Coolers with standard configurations. The program is completed with Air Cooled Remote Condensers suitable for all known refrigerants and some models also for R 717 (NH3).

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