IC³-AC series Evaporative condenser


The IC3-AC Series are factory assembled induced draft counter flow evaporative condensers with axial fans(s) and a hot dipped galvanized heat exchange coil PED-certified according to directive 2014/68/EU. The condensers are distinguished by a robust and industrial quality of the construction and are designed for R 717 (NH3) and all other known refrigerants. Nominal cooling capacity : 150 – 3.000 kW * * Nominal performance at Tc =+32 °C / Twb =+22 °C, refrigerant R 717(NH3).

The towers are supplied completely preassembled and because of their dimensions and the separability of the bigger models, they are suitable for normal road - or container transport.

IC3-AC, schematische weergave (Large)
1-IC3-AR, tevens IC3-AC Serie (Large)


IC3-AR 2, tevens IC3-AC Serie (Large)

Frame is manufactured of carbon steel. Reticular type, lightweight and very strong and hot dipped galvanized after fabrication. The cladding is finished with FRP sandwich panels

Fan section

4-Ventilator Sectie IC3-AR (Large)

Equipped with induced draft light alloy high performance axial fan(s) with direct coupled electric motor(s), protection - / insulation class IP-55 / F, bolded on a support inside the fan stack. Flat and walkable fan deck, made of galvanized steel. Each fan protected by a galvanized safety grid. Standard with external electric conjunction box(es).


5-Waterverdeling (Large)

The distribution system is composed of a number of PVC-tubes with PPG anti-clogging nozzles. The system is designed to distribute the water equally over the coil surface.


6-Pijpenbundel warmtewisselaar (Large)

The heat exchanger coil is composed by a number of prime surface steel tubes bended to serpentines, welded on their collectors in a carbon steel frame and hot dipped galvanized after fabrication. Operating pressure up to 2.800 kPa. Heat exchanger coil is PED certified, according to directive 2014/68/EU. Tube diameter, thickness and geometry are optimized by ILMED IMPIANTI R&D to achieve a maximum efficiency. As an option the heat exchanger coil can be delivered in AISI 304 or AISI 316L.



The drift eliminators are made in modular elements of PVC or PP sheets and have an excellent efficiency. The losses are limited to < 0,005 % of the circulating water flow.


8-Bak met Roosters (Large)

The grilles are made of PP and designed for induced counterflow cooling towers.
The grilles mainly serve for an optimal distribution of the inlet air and to prevent excessive spatter loss from the tank.

The water collector is made of welded steel segments and hot-dip galvanized after manufacture. The spray pump is mounted on a steel coated mounting plate attached directly to the side of the water tank.


  • PTC thermistor for VFD control
  • Mechanical Float Valve assembly for make-up water
  • Electric basin heater incl. thermostat for an ambient temperature up to -20 °C.
  • VIBRASWITCH vibration cut out switch
  • Low-noise axial fan(s)
  • Anti-splash system in the water basin
  • Low-noise axial fan(s)
  • Anti-splash system in the water basin
  • Electronic water level control, including servo controlled solenoid valve
  • External coating, standard RAL 7035

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