Devap Products

for industrial cooling

DEVAP PRODUCTS is the exclusive factory sales agent for the Netherlands and the Flanders ( Dutch/Flemish speaking Belgium ) of ILMED IMPIANTI, manufacturer
of factory assembled industrial Open & Closed Cooling Towers, Evaporative Coolers with closed cooling circuit and Evaporative Condensers
for NH3 and all other known refrigerants.

For the real big cooling installations, ILMED IMPIANTI designs and delivers the so called FIELD ERECTED industrial Cooling Towers.


For the Dutch market only, DEVAP PRODUCTS represents ALTHERMO, , manufacturer of Dry Coolers, Air Cooled Liquid Cooler and Air Cooled Condensers with or without adiabatic pre-cooling of the entering ambient air.

Service, maintenance, assistance with the rigging of the pre-assembled products on location and delivery of spare parts with or without installation belongs to our competence as well.

We are VCA certified.

Although Devap Products is a relative young company, we offer a more than 50-years knowledge in the cooling sector and can provide optimal solutions to our potential contacts regarding choice and selection of the products based on an as low as possible energy - & water consumption and systems to reduce noise production.

For the water treatment of the products, we have a good cooperation with well-established companies in this field.

Find the right product for your application.

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